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When Life Changes – Your Insurance Policy Should Too

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A Free Policy Review Can Save You Money

Life is constantly changing – is your life insurance planning up to date? Our experience is that about 80% of life insurance portfolios are not properly reviewed and managed after the initial purchase and become unsustainable before death or prematurely cancelled. Lower than expected policy performance and ever-increasing internal costs can create unfavorable future results. A comprehensive life insurance review can help provide solutions while options still exist.

Why review your life insurance policies? 

  • Save money and enhance value by determining if premium and expense reductions are available
  • Make sure you are adequately providing for your family and business
  • Coordinate your life insurance planning with your estate planning
  • Confirm that your policies will last as long as you do and at what cost
  • Consider selling any unnecessary policies
  • Resolve any policy performance issues before it is too late to fix
  • Assess any major life events, such as marriage, birth of a child, new job, divorce, etc. that could require the need for insurance and tax-wise ownership adjustments
  • Examine business transitions (value, new business partner, buy-sell, etc.) to assure your objectives are being accomplished
  • Evaluate how insurance industry changes may have positively or negatively affected your insurance portfolio and future options. Are you seeing lower policy expenses, lower crediting rates, higher cost of insurance charges or the sale of your life insurance company’s policies to non-insurance corporations? These changes can mean opportunity or obstacles that need attention.

Kelleher & Buckley, LLC works with experienced and knowledgeable insurance professionals who can provide you with an easy and complimentary life insurance portfolio review. This review can help ensure that you have cost-efficient and appropriate coverage to meet your specific needs.

Contact Andrew Kelleher, David Buckley, Bob Holland, Linda Fine, or any of our 25+ attorneys at (847) 382-9130 or contact us through our website.

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