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Barrington, IL Business Tax Planning Attorneys

The state and federal tax codes for businesses offer advantages to business owners. However, businesses may find it difficult to benefit from these advantages without the guidance and counsel of an experienced tax planning attorney.

Plan for Taxes Even Before Establishing a Business

At the Barrington, Illinois, law firm Kelleher & Buckley, LLC, we advise and represent business clients in taxation matters. Our goal is to save our clients money and time so they can focus on operating the company. To do this, our lawyers offer tax planning from the very inception of a business, helping clients choose the business entity, such as LLC or limited partnership, that protects them from excessive tax liability and matches their goals.

Once the right entity has been selected, a business must grapple with the sheer variety of taxes and taxing authorities. There are state and federal business taxes, payroll taxes, sales tax, estate tax, capital gains tax and others. A tax plan must be comprehensive so that a previously unknown tax liability does not arise unexpectedly, creating liability not only for the tax itself but for interest and penalties that may be levied for late payment.

Our tax lawyers know the tax code thoroughly, especially as it applies to businesses. We are able to advise clients about the potential effects of a local, state or federal tax on the profitability of a company. We advise businesses about the offsets and deductions that are available to them.

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