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Illinois Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyers

Many business entities, including closely held family businesses, are involved in a merger or acquisition (M & A) at some stage. There are numerous ways to accomplish a merger or acquisition. The best approach depends on the circumstances of the business and the goals identified for the transaction. Completing the process effectively minimizes disruption to the business and the loss of profitability.

A knowledgeable business law attorney can guide participants through merging, reorganizing or acquiring a business. At Kelleher & Buckley, LLC, our Chicago-area lawyers help clients achieve their goals with a merger or acquisition. We work closely with clients to understand their intentions and structure the transaction to help them achieve their objectives as fully as possible.

M & A Issues

Concluding a successful merger or acquisition involves many steps. Our lawyers undertake all processes required for a merger or acquisition, including:

  • Negotiating and preparing buy-sell agreements
  • Drafting of proposals and bids
  • Drafting letters of intent and nondisclosure agreements
  • Understanding the tax implications of a merger or acquisition and structuring for tax planning
  • Asset purchases
  • Undertaking due diligence

We handle these and all other steps involved in merging or acquiring a business. Our lawyers counsel and represent businesses on both sides of these transactions. We help clients anticipate and manage post-closing matters, such as merging employee groups, determining liability for environmental and other risks, and establishing business succession plans for the newly merged or acquired business.

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