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Important Information Regarding Your 2019 Cook County Property Taxes

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Author Margaret Mitchell once said, “Death, taxes and childbirth! There’s never any convenient time for any of them.” Although we wish taxes could be “gone with the wind”, 2019 could bring substantial tax bill increases to many townships affected by property assessments.

Property in Cook County is fully reassessed triennially, or every three years, according to location.  This process is done using data analysis on a mass scale, so the counties involved in this reassessment have historically shown significant increases. Kelleher & Buckley, LLC can help confirm that these valuations are fair. The more you can ensure your assessment is reasonable in the first year of reassessment, the more you can save in the coming years. 

The following northern Cook County townships are affected by the 2019 triennial reassessment. Taxpayers will have 30 days to dispute their assessments, or wait until the following year:

TownshipNotices Mailed
Norwood ParkFebruary 22
EvanstonMarch 15
New TrierApril 1
Elk GroveApril 18
MaineMay 3
NorthfieldMay 24
BarringtonJune 4
LeydenJune 17
WheelingJuly 5
PalatineJuly 25
SchaumburgAugust 16
NilesSeptember 9
HanoverSeptember 23

Due to the increase of the residential and the commercial markets over the last few years, you should be prepared for considerable assessment increases.

There is no fee for our services unless we acquire a reduction on your behalf.

Kelleher & Buckley, LLC has both residential and commercial property tax attorneys to help you determine if your assessment is fair whether or not you are part of the triennial reassessment. Do not delay – once your assessment is published your 30-day window for appeals begins to close. 

If you’d like us to review your property with no obligation, simply fill out our online tax analysis form and we will evaluate your current assessment. You can also email us directly at or call Joe Hudetz or Skip Tonigan at 847-382-9130.     

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